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Terms & Conditions

Including our Privacy Policy

These Terms and Conditions set out an agreement between 'you' the owner, Paddy Paws and the chosen carer 'the carer'.

Submission of a Booking Form will confirm the owner/s acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and their desire to progress with a Booking.

Bookings are not confirmed until the deposit has been paid, which is due at the time of submitting the Booking Form. You agree to make all future bookings through Paddy Paws and not directly through carers.

You understand that the booking fee to Paddy Paws is non refundable

The remaining balance will become due 7 days prior to your dogs board and should be paid via the Paddy Paws website or the invoice received.

You agree to provide full and detailed information in the Booking Form about your dog/s. During your continued use of Paddy Paws services you agree to keep us informed of any changes to your dog's Booking Form.

All dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations, worming, tick and flea treatments. You must provide the carer with the vaccination booklet at the start of each board. You further agree to deliver you dog in a clean condition.

Your agreement with the carer and PaddyPaws is upon a mutually satisfactory initial meeting taking place at the carer's home prior to the board.

In the event of any emergency if the carer is unable to proceed with the board we will endeavour to transfer the board to another carer. We reserve the right at our discretion to cancel the booking and refund your deposit without any liability to Paddy Paws.

We are unable to accept dogs with aggression problems towards other dogs or people and subject to the terms of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

We are happy to accept bookings for intact dogs and unspayed bitches, however if you believe your dog is due into season during her board you must inform us. If the chosen carer is not happy to accept your bitch in season we will endeavour to transfer the board. If we are unable to do so we will cancel as per the terms in section 8.

All dogs must be properly house-trained to use this service.

Your older dog must not be suffering from incontinence, complete blindness or severe immobility. Ease of access in the home will be taken into account when selecting your dog’s suitable carer but all dogs must be able to walk and get up unaided.

Your larger dog is expected to be under control and not over boisterous.

Your dog must be used to sleeping in the house and not in an outside kennel at night.

You agree that our carers are not expected to accept any dogs that insist on sleeping on beds at night. If your dogs requires close contact at night please ask and a suitable carer will be provided.

You agree to supply enough food for the duration of your dog's board plus water and food bowls, bedding, lead and any toys which will help your dog to settle. If insufficient food is supplied at the start of the board you agree to refund the carer costs incurred purchasing more food.

Your dog must not be known to chew, scratch or destroy furniture or house fittings under normal circumstances. Should your dog’s behaviour become uncontrollable, destructive or unreasonable, you accept that he/she could be placed in a dog boarding kennel at your own expense until your return and will be subject to a £20.00 transfer charge.

Any problems, disputes and/or claims for damages must never be dealt with directly between customers, carers and/or hosts. In all circumstances, these must be dealt with through PaddyPaws Network Management (PPNM). In the first instance, PPNM should be treated as mediators for all parties concerned.

You agree that if in extreme cases an animal becomes destructive, aggressive or highly anti-social, Paddy Paws will have no option but to contact you and make arrangements to kennel your dog at your cost. Every effort will be made to avoid such an event by the open and frank discussion at the visit and, if necessary, re-positioning the dog concerned in an alternative home, depending on the problem. Paddy Paws do not believe in kennelling but not all dogs are suitable for home boarding.

You agree for Paddy Paws to make any decisions regarding your dog’s health/welfare, providing it is acting in the best interest of your dog and is on the advice of a qualified veterinary surgeon. Alternatively, provide an emergency contact number for someone to make these decisions on your behalf. You agree to pay any vet bills that may be incurred upon your return.

It is Paddy Paws policy to exercise all dogs on a lead, through experience we have found this to be in the best interests of the dog. However, if you would prefer your dog exercised off lead you will be required to complete an Off Lead Authorisation Form at the initial meeting, under which you accept responsibility for third party liability and agree that your dog/s is insured (including third party liability cover). In the event of your dog not being insured at the start of the board we reserve the right to exercise your dog on a lead.

You agree that should you return from holiday early and decide to collect your dog before the end of your booking you will not be entitled to any refund of any payment. This also applies to a later drop-off than initially booked.

You agree that that after 2 weeks following your stated return date you have not returned to collect your dog(s) and every attempt has been made to contact you and your emergency contact number without success then your dog(s) will be put up for re-homing.

Although we make every effort to ensure your dog/s is cared for to our usual high standards we cannot be liable for loss, injury or death.

The Owner gives permission for publication of photos or video taken of Pet and/or Owner by PaddyPaws. The Owner understands that owner will not be paid any royalty or other compensation and hereby relinquishes any and all rights for payment if a photo or video of Pet and/or Owner is published in any form or medium.

All prices quoted are per day or part thereof. In other words, both day of arrival and day of departure are classified as full days boarding.

All Carers & Hosts are closed at 9pm and open the next day from 9am. No dogs can be left off or collected during these hours.

Carers & Hosts.(CH)

CH are only entitled to represent PPN (PaddyPaws Network) if a booking has been made directly with PPN Management (PPNM) and has been paid for directly to PPNM.

CH do not have access to PPN insurance in situations where a booking is made in any other way for any type of pet service.

Any CH who has any other type of Pet Service business must have their own insurance and be prepared to produce evidence of said insurance if requested by PPNM.

Any authorised CH cannot promote themselves as part of PPN without prior written consent and permission from PPNM.

No CH is authorised to take or make a booking on behalf of PPN and cannot print, copy or sign any paperwork or contracts on behalf of, or representing, PPN without first obtaining written permission from PPNM.

Area Managers and Representatives are exempt from these T&C but all bookings must still be confirmed, paid for and processed through PPNM. This entitlement can be revoked by either party with 30 days notice.

Dog Walking.

You must be over 18 (or 16 with the written consent of the dog owner on file with us).

When you get a dog walking opportunity, we will confirm with the customer, by email, that they are happy to let you walk their dog.

You will be expected to carry out you duties in a responsible manner at all times and your licence will be terminated immediately if it is discovered that this is not the case.

Licences are not transferable in these cases to another dog. As a PaddyPaws Dog Walker you will be classified by the taxman as self employed and responsible for your own tax returns.

Ref: Weekly Facebook postings. We would expect these to be positive postings that would increase your own profile and potentially increase your ability to get more clients for yourself. You will only be classified as an administrator on our page while you are actively licensed as a dog walker and access will be denied when you are not paying a fee.

Privacy Policy

We do request personal information such as your name and email address. Please be assured that we NEVER share your details with third parties. All data is controlled by Paddy Paws Network.

Disclaimer and Legal Notice

The following are the terms and conditions of use of this website and its services. If you do not accept these conditions, you must not use this website or services.

The information available on the site might from time to time be incomplete, out of date or inaccurate. Paddy Paws reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to make changes and corrections to the material on the site or to make parts or all of this site unavailable at any time without notice.

Paddy Paws disclaims all liability in respect of all information and its provision, and shall not be liable for any loss or damages suffered as a result of any use of the site. Although Paddy Paws aims to keep it up-to-date, it does not guarantee its accuracy. Paddy Paws does try to make this site as useful as possible, none of the material it contains is professional advice or a substitute for it, and can not be relied upon as such.

These conditions of use are governed by Northern Ireland law and any dispute connected with this site is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Northern Irish courts. Paddy Paws may change these conditions of use from time to time. You will be bound by changes even if you do not re-visit this page to re-read this notice. Please note that these are ‘Paddy Paws’ terms and conditions of use and if you do not accept these conditions, you must not use this website or services.

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