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The PaddyPaws System

Our successful process hasn't changed since 2013

How It Works

It’s really important to get to know you and your dog, especially in the beginning. You can tell us all about your day-to-day routines for feeding and exercising so that we can replicate this for your dog.

Whether it is acres of enclosed land you seek for your dog, playmates or a complete One-2-One non dog-owning carer with a comfortable lap, PaddyPaws provides it all.

Home dog boarding with us means you will be invited to meet and greet your dog’s carer in their own home to see exactly where they will be staying.


Our hosts are at home during the day to ensure round the clock care is always provided.

We value the personal relationship and trust that you and your dog build up with your carer as a very important thing and encourage full contact both before and during your dog’s stay.

We will, wherever possible, be sure to use the same family each time you book a holiday.

Peace of mind is priceless!

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