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Dog Walking Register - Business Opportunity

Thank you for expressing an interest in becoming one of our registered walkers.

A genuine and unique Nationwide Business Opportunity!

Professional Dog Walkers prices can range anywhere from £8 to £15 per walk per dog. (Do the sums!)

Rates depend on whether the dog is walked alone or as part of a group and also on the length and time of the walk. But they can be all fully licensed and insured.

We can help you to become a part of this!

PaddyPaws Network is currently creating a register of dog walkers throughout the UK. As an “add-on” to our Home-from-Home Boarding service we are putting together a list of people that we want to help set up their own dog walking enterprise.

Anyone who feels that they would be able to devote some time to walking a dog for someone who is unable to walk their own dog for whatever reason is free to register. If you get work, we will license and insure you for a small charge, if you wish.

If you get no work, there is no charge.

It is then up to you to promote your availability to work by letting all your friends and family know about us and your new business by spreading the word through all social media options including Facebook, Twitter etc., to build your client base.

This can be your business, so you can work as often or a little as you want. You are free to negotiate with the dog owners any rates that you are both happy with! We can supply backup.if required!

(See Dog Walking T&C)

We do not guarantee any work for you but we will help you market your service through our website and Facebook page.

Full Name*



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Additional Info*


Are you prepared to abide by our Terms and Conditions for Dog Walkers that are shown on the website.

Contact Acceptance

Are you happy for us to contact you, possibly (but not necessarily), for a brief discussion regarding this position, by phone?

Thank you! Your message was sent successfully.
We will get back to you asap.

You MUST be over 21 years old

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