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How We Came About - Our Story

BIO - About Us

If like us, your dogs have become family members. If you can't be home for them, either because of work, holiday or other obligations, you want them taken care of with the same love and attention you give them.

That's exactly what we do at Paddy Paws. Because we love pets!

Walks and cuddles are guaranteed at no extra cost! 


We’ll never forget the last time we got our labrador back from the local boarding kennels. Bless him – he was hoarse.

Apparently he had barked, non-stop, for 2 weeks. It was a week before he was able to bark properly again and we all felt awful.

He made everyone very guilty. He never went into kennels again and died at the ripe old age of 14, a few years ago.

Every time we went on holidays, someone was recruited to look after him or house-sit for us.

Unfortunately kennels just do not suit all our dogs (and owners).

Due to changes in family circumstances, we recently found ourselves in a similar situation with kennels as the only option for our latest dog. There are a few house-sitting services and pet-sitters that will look after the dog in our house but no real options or choices to send them on holidays in a family situation.

This service is widely available throughout England & Wales and it seems to be very much in demand.

There are hundreds of carers and thousands of people that use their services and they have been available for many years now.

We now have a select number of host families throughout Northern Ireland.

We thank you for supporting us and making this venture a success.

~ Stephen McDowell…………..Network Manager

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